Automated Digital Engagement

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Here at Renewtrak we are observing a gigantic shift in appetite from the partner community globally to embrace automated digital engagement tools like LCA (Lifecycle Advantage) to engage with their customers very early on and use the renewal event as a key trigger to drive Digital engagement and low-touch self-service. Obviously it is no longer scalable & affordable to do this for every customer tier with people. So high quality initiatives like AutoQuote and LCA turn these unquoted opportunities into absolute GOLD and unique engagement opportunities and are therefore being embraced globally at unprecedented levels.  
When customers are engaged early and digitally, we are seeing a massive shift to renew early via digital self-service checkout. The millennial B2B buyer has come to expect that this as a hygiene factor (Table-stakes) in their day to day engagement with their own personal purchases and those that they make on behalf of their businesses. 

Automated digital engagement