Supports profitability and improves the bottom line

By keeping on top of large renewals programs, through to the smaller but still highly profitable renewals, we increase your profitability, which has a significant impact on your bottom line and keeps your vendors happy.

Complementary, not in competition with you

Our solution has been built to improve transparency between all parties in the renewals process, giving you information at your finger-tips to drive revenue from renewals that have previously been too time-consuming for partners to focus on.

Helps you retrieve vendor rebates faster

We make the attainment of vendor rebates smoother and remove uncertainty around performance by providing real-time reporting on completed renewals – and give you the ability to see upcoming renewals and the pipeline for your partners.

Fully managed with real-time reporting

As a fully managed service, we provide access to a secure portal where you can manage automatic workflows and deliver real-time reporting. And we give you back control to influence your own specific renewal parameters – including margin and pricing.

Commercial arrangements based on success

Ensure your investment into renewals is being spent wisely and will deliver returns. With our automated system, we maximize your renewal opportunity, make it risk-free, and only charge a fee for success.

Improved business productivity

Let the automation work for you and manage your day to day routine tasks, giving you the ability to focus on adding value and generating new opportunities for the channel.

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