Renewals Management

Automate issuing of renewal quotes, and facilitate simple e-commerce payments and improve renewal rates.

How it works

  • 1. Data & Pricing Logic

    A detailed audit of all client data to understand completeness, format, and unique identifiers. Coupled to that is a detailed examination of the appropriate pricing logic to ensure the correct application of pricing to the data set, to enable presentment of offer

  • 2. Market Model

    Construction of a transactional model to correctly include all channel participants and ensure complete inclusion and replication of the existing go-to-market model

  • 3. Offer Presentment

    Delivery of structured workflow notification to channel participants and End-Users that incorporates correct pricing logic, SKUs, and correctly enables self-administration of the renewal for closure

  • 4. Transact & Close

    Provide a simple, intuitive and effective way for End-Users to pay for their renewals, that incorporates an ability to still pay via their partners, but also enables immediate transaction using a credit card, purchase order and other payment types

  • 5. Receipt & Order Placement

    Automatically confirm and provide a receipt for the closed order to the End-User, notify channel participants that the order is closed and automatically place a clean order onto the appropriate ordering systems to close the order


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Opportunity &
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Enable customers to renew directly through the renewals webstore.

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