Renewals Web-Store

Make it easy for customers to renew via a webstore, even if you have lost contact with them.

How it works

  • 1. SKU & Pricing Logic

    An audit of all SKU and pricing logic is undertaken to enable the service to automatically calculate the correct pricing and SKU IDs for any client that accesses the service to enable renewals to occur

  • 2. Construction of store

    Delivery of a simple webstore, that is accessed via the client website, to enable any client (known or unknown) to log into the store and perform a renewal, no matter the complexity of it

  • 3. Offer Presentment

    Enable a client to either locate their given renewals record or construct their own renewals “shopping basket” from the offers presented via the webstore and facilitate them in closing the renewal using more traditional webstore behavior

  • 4. Receipt & Order Placement

    Automatically confirm and provide a receipt for the closed order to the End User, notify the client that the order is closed and automatically place a clean order onto the appropriate ordering systems to facilitate the closure of that new order

  • 5. Monitor and Improve

    View a range of real-time performance metrics that provide insight into service operation and inform the decision to improve revenue and margin capture


Installed Base

Re-connect with latent or lost customers using smart automation.

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In-life customer data management.

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Opportunity &
Margin Management

Workflow management enabling opportunities, pricing and channel margin.

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Automate issuing of renewal quotes.

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Enable customers to renew directly through the vendor website.

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Cross-sell &

Automate presentation of tailored cross-sell and upsell offers.

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