Renewtrak brings its proven sales & renewals automation platform to Cisco

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The global shift to subscription services and software models has taken the already massive renewals challenge for the Channel and exploded it with exponential growth in high volume, low value long-tail transactions. It is more critical than ever for the Channel to embrace these new ARR models through automation.

Renewtrak is excited about the amazing progress with our Automated Sales and Renewals platform roll out across the Cisco Network of Distributors and Partners, with Partners able to scale their recurring revenue business by leading with a digital renewals and automation platform. The growth in appetite and positive feedback from Partners is astounding as automation enables them to transform and optimise their business processes in this shift to subscriptions.

“In order to resolve the issues and challenges, we required a partner with a collaborative, consultative approach. Renewtrak have provided us exactly that and helped us to define and map out our Cisco automation strategy, leading the way with their Automated Sales & Renewals solution.” Group SVP – Redington

In addition, the fact that the Renewtrak Platform is pre-integrated and pre-configured for both CCWR and Salesforce, leads to significant increases in productivity with one partner seeing their ability to reactively quote 40 renewals quotes per day, grow to more than 1,000 proactive quotes per day. We now see revenue growth being created by leveraging the renewal event as a prime opportunity to engage the end customers with pre-curated notifications and cadences and a digital interactive quote with ecommerce checkout in local language, tax and currency. 

Automating the Renewal and Sales Process for Cisco