Utilise MDF to automate the sales and renewals process.

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In recent months, we’ve noticed that more and more of our distributors are leveraging vendor MDF (market development funds) to automate their sales and renewals processes using Renewtrak. This makes sense, as Renewtrak meets all of the vendor’s requirements for MDF spend in terms of innovation, automation of manual processes, business value, and return on investment. 

Not only does Renewtrak help distributors drive automation and streamline their processes, but it also assists them in helping their customers transition to subscription-based cloud solutions. This shift to subscriptions is becoming increasingly important as the industry moves towards a recurring revenue model. 

But the benefits of Renewtrak don’t stop there. Distributors who use our platform have reported that their relationship with vendors has improved tenfold. This is because Renewtrak positions them as thought leaders in the industry, implementing a best-in-class sales and renewals automation platform to drive vendor recurring revenues. 

In short, Renewtrak is a no-brainer for distributors looking to automate their processes, improve their relationship with vendors, and drive recurring revenues. If you’re a distributor working with vendors and looking to implement a best-in-class automation platform, Renewtrak is the way to go.

Leverage vendor MDF (market development funds) to automate sales and renewals