Commercial arrangements based on success

Ensure your investment into renewals is being spent wisely and will deliver returns. With our automated system, we maximise your renewal revenue and profitability.

Fully managed, pay-as-you-use service

As a fully managed service, we provide access to a secure portal where you can manage automatic workflows that deliver real-time reporting. And we give you back control to influence your own specific renewal parameters– including margin and pricing.

Complementary fit with channel

As a SaaS platform – we’re preferred by distributors globally. We’ve automated our solution so that it is low touch and low risk, but also increases renewal rates and helps you drive licensing expansion.

Easily scales into new markets & geographies

As the global leader in automated renewals, we have a presence in multiple geographies and work with partners in many different locations. Naturally, the platform itself is global and can work with distributors in all geographic locations, in different languages and with relevant country tax codes.

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