About Us

After decades of experience in renewals, we know the difficulties of managing the renewal process. So we created our automated solution for our clients that result in higher opportunity closure rates, improved revenues and margins while providing complete service visibility in real-time, and doing so more competitively than current practices.

We work with global technology organizations to improve the way in which they issue, close, and transact renewal opportunities through the implementation of our highly-automated, white-labeled cloud platform. Our purpose is to help clients become more successful through the delivery of increased revenue, a reduction in operating costs, improved visibility, and ultimately improved business profitability.

Using our unique and proprietary technology platform, we integrate with our clients’ infrastructure and data sources to provide a service that not only optimizes the entire renewals process but minimizes the business friction often associated with volume-centric opportunities. Ultimately making renewals a strong profit center for clients.

We have proven that the smart deployment of the Renewtrak application leads to client success and enables informed decisions to be made when viewing service performance via the Real-Time service dashboard. Renewtrak is ISO 27001:2013 certified.

Renewtrak by the Numbers

  • 2014

    year founded
  • 5

    no. of global offices
  • 32

    currencies supported
  • 24

    languages supported
  • 45.4%

    avg % client revenue increase
  • 62.9%

    avg % client profit increase
  • $9.41

    lowest value opportunity closed
  • 2700

    avg quotes per hour
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Board of Directors

  • Michael Twaits


  • Nick McMenemy


  • Callum Hoogesteger


  • Paul Cave AM


  • Jonathan Cohen


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