Optimizing Renewals Through Automation

We believe in making the most out of everything – that’s why we built a renewals automation platform to:

Automate Renewals Reminders

Auto-generate upsell and cross-sell options for customers to choose from

Auto-issue quotes to customer

Close deals faster using a digital buying experience

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The Renewtrak Story

In 2016, in North Sydney, Australia, our founders found themselves in your shoes – dealing with the headache of renewing tens of annual subscriptions.

It was a real hassle – not hearing from sales until the last minute, scrambling to get budget approvals, and ultimately missing a renewal date, leading to lost subscriptions.

That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands and set out on a mission to build the best renewals automation software in the industry.

We aimed to optimize the renewal process, reduce the need for manual repetitive work required to chase down renewals, and better yet, use the opportunity to grow existing accounts.

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A Renewals Led Growth Platform Built With The Future in Mind.

With a deep understanding of the renewal industry’s intricacies we’ve created a platform that not only solves current pains but anticipates future demands.

The average organization has 204 renewals each year. That’s one SaaS renewal every business day.


67% of customers say they prefer self-service options—and that number is expected to grow every day.


Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits by anywhere between 25%-95%.

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Leaders in the Renewal Industry

We pioneered the concept of renewals-led growth and built our platform around it. We enable companies to optimize the renewal experience through automation, and we guide them as they utilize renewal events to upsell/cross-sell existing accounts. Through Renewtrak, the renewal customer experience is modernized to a B2C-like experience that allows them to feel empowered and complete renewals on their own time.

Our Values

Think Big, Really Big

Set goals, prioritize, commit and execute with speed.

Simplify the Complex

Always strive for simplicity, even if it means solving the problem takes longer.

Thirst for Knowledge

Never stop learning, pursue new ideas and seek new innovations to build competitive advantage.

Hunt as a Pack

Teamwork is the foundation to success. Support, encourage and empower those around you.

Community Led

Build and facilitate connections that touch every part of the business.

Make your Family Proud

Be humble, show respect, persevere and be excellent.

Our Executive Team


Michael Twaits, CEO


Paul Dunn, COO

Alex Wood, CPO

Alex Wood, CPO

Andrew Duckworth, CTO

Andrew Duckworth, CTO


Michael Gill, SVP, Enterprise Sales

Keith Davidson, VP, Customer Success

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