Elevate Your Customer Success with Automation

Uncover Growth Opportunities, Enhance Retention, and Bridge the Gap with Customers Who Sometimes Slip Through

Get Ahead of Churn, Instead of Reacting to it

Boost Renewal Rates and ARR

Reveal your best offer to customers and turn every renewal into an expansion opportunity with our Automated Price Quote Engine (APQ). 

Ignite Growth with Auto-Renewal Quotes 

Those upcoming renewals? Consider them covered. Automatically notify sales teams and partners using singular or mass updates (margins, discounts, contacts). 

Seal the Deal with a Self Checkout and Payment Experience  

Give customers a seamless renewals experience With a simple self-service quote and B2C checkout experience.

Let tech do the talking with Auto Generated, Shareable Quotes​

    • Smart Suggestions: Quotes cover like-for-like, upsell, and cross-sell options.​

    • Share Securely, Hassle-Free: No logins required for easy sharing.

    • Present and promote all applicable and relevant options to grow your customer relationships

Customer Success Automation For Renewals
Customer Success Automation For Renewals

We’ll do the chasing with notifications and reminders to customers & your customer success teams

    • Get real-time status updates and gain visibility into every deal​

    • Reclaim your time – tabs, email, and calendar!

    • Notify on a regular best practice scheduled based on customer type, product, geography and deal stage (autopilot automatically notifies & communicates and follows up your customers, and staff using global best practice

Focus on what matters with zero touch automated renewals​

    • Zero-Touch Renewals, Maximum Revenue: Automated renewals capture every opportunity, even in the long tail, boosting revenue with 100% automation.​

    • Embrace dynamic product offerings with automated interactive quotes.

    • Free up your customer success managers’ time for strategic pursuits. Our renewal management platform takes care of routine renewals, allowing them to focus on maintaining relationships and meeting customer needs.

Customer Success Automation For Renewals

What People Are Saying

“By partnering with Renewtrak and adopting its automation platform, we were able to future-proof our highly transactional renewals business with an out-of-the-box, M/L and AI powered platform to improve productivity, cost efficiencies and global scale capabilities”

 David Pinto, Senior Director – Strategy, Planning and Operations, VMware  

“We set out to provide end to end solution partners about opportunities 90 days prior to expiry including upsell or cross-sell quotes. We couldn’t have done it alone and worked collaboratively with our partners to address their specific requirements.

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for our end users and partners because smarter renewals is a win for Lenovo, our partners and our customers. I would like to thank Renewtrak for helping us solve our renewals opportunity”

– Glen Edington, Director of after point of sales services, Lenovo