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Lenovo Renewals Transformation ​

With more than 55 million renewals approaching expiration, Lenovo needed an automated way to engage customers to provide them with expansion options. ​

Their Goal:
Offer a simpler frictionless digital buying experience​
Unlock new revenue streams.​

​The Outcome:
Lenovo saw a 200% YoY revenue boost and increased conversion rates by 42%.​

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With hundreds of thousands of sub-$100,000 customer license agreements renewed annually, VMware wanted a scalable digital solution to retain, renew, and expand these customers

​Their Goals: ​

  • Address churn risks, boost renewal conversions.
  • Increase expansion opportunities while optimizing human capital and investments to meet margin and revenue goals.

The Outcomes:​

  • Expanded from a 2-country pilot to 52 countries globally.
  • Achieved +5.9 percentage points higher renewal rate with Renewtrak-managed opportunities
    Perpetual-to-subscription conversions match high-touch enterprise level rates.

Empowering Businesses Globally

Renewtrak was born out of our founders’ frustration with the existing renewal process. Determined to streamline renewals and drive growth for businesses of all sizes, we embarked on a mission to build the industry’s leading renewals automation software.

Today, Renewtrak serves businesses globally, connecting over 30,000 distributors and partners and managing renewals opportunities worth $3 billion annually. Our platform supports over 25 languages and operates in 60+ countries.

See What Our Customers Have to Say!

David Pinto
Senior Director – Strategy, Planning and Operations, VMware

“By partnering with Renewtrak and adopting its automation platform, we were able to future-proof our highly transactional renewals business with an out-of-the-box, M/L and AI powered platform to improve productivity, cost efficiencies and global scale capabilities”

Glen Edington
Director of after point of sales services, Lenovo

“We set out to provide end to end solution partners about opportunities 90 days prior to expiry including upsell or cross-sell quotes. We couldn’t have done it alone and worked collaboratively with our partners to address their specific requirements.

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for our end users and partners because smarter renewals is a win for Lenovo, our partners and our customers. I would like to thank Renewtrak for helping us solve our renewals opportunity”

Edith Demarle-Massot
HP SEMA Workforce Solution Category Manager

“When we start looking at how to accelerate the IBO, Renewtrak came to us as a very powerful automated solution. The platform has an incredible ease of use, for all of the different parties involved including HP, the channel and the HP End Customers. This solution is a step ahead compared to others on the market. The implementation & joint effort work were an excellent collaboration between HP & the Renewtrak company Team. The key benefits for us has been to drill down into the data with a level of granularity we were not able to achieve in the past, and to give a new potential for our partners in extending warranties and growing their revenues as well as targeting the right accounts.”

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