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Renewtrak is a white-label automated renewals provider that works with all members of the channel – Vendors, Distributors, and Value-Added Resellers – better maximize the revenue and profitability capture associated with renewals. Using specialist systems, workflows and machine learning, Renewtrak ensures that all members of the channel community are included in all communications, with a view to driving a better renewal, cross-sell and upsell outcomes for End Users and Value-Added Resellers.

Renewtrak will sends out communications either as emails, post, fax or SMS. Renewtrak usually finds that a combined approach delivers strong results as part of its multi-day workflows.

Renewtrak sends all of its communications to the participants in the two-tier channel ecosystem – Distributors receive their discreet notifications, Value-Added resellers receive their discreet notifications and then End Users are sent their notifications, with the Value Added reseller being cc’d on all End User notifications. All communication is done to provide complete visibility to all of the “actors” that have anything to do with the End User renewal.

Renewtrak takes its clients price book and pricing logic and automatically applies the logic to the pricing, to deliver the appropriate upsell or cross sell pricing out to the nominated party. In all cases, Renewtrak can not only apply its Intelligent Automation approach to suggest the most appropriate offer to make for the upsell or cross sell, but also correctly applies the correct pricing or offer discounts.

Customers can renew using a variety of different payment methods that include all major credit cards, online payment facilities, e-Sign or payment via purchase order, all of which can be routed via their chosen Partner.

Renewtrak is live in more than 24 languages globally including English, French, Spanish, Portugese, Arabic, Chinese and others.

The platform supports 32 major global currencies including EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, NZD and others.

Yes. Renewtrak is architected to maximise the inclusion of the channel community and route payments in the usual manner, but using technology and automated payment collection facilities to make the process more efficient. All End Users can renew via their chosen Value-Added Reseller if they so choose.

The service has a clear workflow that provides End Users a simple way to Decline their renewal, all through the same interface. Having declined to renew, End Users are sent a confirmation email to confirm their action and the notification workflows stop.

Yes. Any data that you enter into the service is secure and adheres to appropriate local data pricavy and security laws. The service subject to the most stringent security procedures, and the whole service is subject to Renewtrak’s ISO 27001 certification.

Renewtrak finds that for larger value opportunities, there is a requirement to have human interaction to maximize the chances of closure. In this case, Renewtrak can be used to issue to quote with the correct pricing and margins, to the Account Manager or Value-Added Reseller for a given opportunity with Renewtrak being used as a tool to support the closure, rather than being the lead method for closing those larger opportunities – technology supports the human to be more efficient.

Yes. Renewtrak can do this as necessary. Renewtrak conducts a Data Diagnostic as part of the build service, to understand the quality of the data and to ensure which fields are missing. The process for data-enhancement is then provided to the customers as part of the program.

Renewtrak has native API connectivity capabilities that enable it to easily connect to a range of client CRM or ERP systems. These include, but are not limited to, systems from vendors that include: SFDC, Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics, Netsuite and other ERP/ CRM systems.

Renewtrak provides clients with access to a real-time reporting platform that encapsulates more than 100+ reporting elements. These reports can be tailored for each specific client but typically show Renewal Rates, Revenue captured, No. quotes issued, No. Quotes closed, No. workflows outstanding, a graphed view of renewal-rates as a function of available renewal opportunities, latest renewal, emails sent, email open rate, quotes revised etc etc.

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